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Always tailored for your needs

DOC provides training and seminar, projected and thought by its expert team.
Each module is customizable and tailored for the needs of its clients. 
Thanks to his long experience, DOC is also able to offer a wide range of consultancy services to avoid 
or react at crisis or diseases of your business.

Customizable and tailored consultancy & training

Bringing 20 years of experience gained from the collaboration with the major Firms and relevant Regulatory Agencies and Organizations, DOC is capable to offer, thanks to its qualified Team, a proven range of consultancy services able to mitigate risk or respond to crisis that might have a deep impact on your business like approval delays, recalls and deficiencies.


Below are listed some of the consultancy services DOC is able to offer:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing System Design Review
  • Quality Risk Analysis
  • GMP process & system review
  • Existing Facility Audit
  • Validation Master Plan
  • Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs)/Documents preparation
  • Documentation Gap Analysis & Gap recovery plan elaboration
  • Pre-Approval Inspection (PAI) preparation
  • Data Integrity Verification



“It’s all to do with the training:

you can do a lot if you’re properly trained”

Queen Elisabeth II



Training and Seminar modules are developed based on our professional skills, expertise and the experiences that we acquire along the years working in the Pharmaceutical Industry worldwide (refer to Training and Seminar List).

Our training and seminar solutions are developed and conducted by certified Trainers and active members of relevant regulatory recognized organizations like PDA, ISPE and FIP.


Learn it in a FAIR way!

Modules are Flexible and can be fully customizable according to specific needs: select the topics of interest, the duration and the intensity of the seminar; we’ll be glad to design a seminar tailored for your audience.

Attendee knowledge Acquisition is verified through a mandatory written final evaluation for each participant.

Our teaching methods are Interactive and include lectures, discussions and workshops in order to allow each attendee to put into practice the concepts and notions just learned.

Reaching our customers all around the world has never represented a problem for us!

You can select the course or the seminar of interest looking at the following main areas:



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