DOC speaks @ ISPE Brazil Annual Conference


Sao Paolo Center

24th - 26th October 2016

8.30 - 18.00

Mr.Paolo Curtò, DOC Managing Director, will deliver a speech during Conference Day Two focused on New EU EP WFI Monograph

Please find below the full program agenda of the day, for more info click here

8:00h – 8:30h recepção

8:30h – 9:15h
#101: Continuous Processing Manufacturing Global Strategy
Christian Schanberger – Glatt
Geisom Becker – Fette

9:15h – 10:00h
#102: “Inovação em Projetos de Instalações Farmacêuticas – Conceito Super Skids” – Conception, Construction of Superskid for Life Science Industry
Serge Tarrago – Actemium

10:00h – 10:30h coffee-break

10:30h – 11:15h
#103: Latest Innovations in Isolator Technology
Marc Suter – SKAN

11:15h – 12:00h
#104: Containment Strategies for Handling of Potent Pharmaceutical Materials
Gary Partington – Extract

12:00h – 13:30h almoço

13:30h – 14:15h
#206: Efficient, high-titer monoclonal antibody production in a fed-batch process using single-use stirred-tank and rocking bioreactor systems
Yasser Kehail – GE Healthcare Life

14:15h – 15:00h
#207: State of the art bioreactor applications for manufacturing of biological API pilot batches John Medina – Bosch

15:00h – 15:45h
#208: Manufacturing Technologies to Enable Process Intensification
Jim Neville – Merck Millipore

15:45h – 16:15h coffee-break

16:15h – 17:00h
#105: New EP Monograph for WFI Production by Membrane Processes: Regulatory & Technological Challenges for Industry
Dr.Paolo Curtò – DOC/Masco – STEQ

17:00h – 17:45h
#106: Changing production strategies- New challenges in sterile filling – Multi-use filling machines for ready-to-use nested syringes, vials and cartridges
Marc Machauer – OPTIMA Pharma

17:45h Fim do Dia 2



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