Validation Maintenance

Equipment & System Division

The right program for the calibration and maintenance of test and measurements equipment

FDA and EU regulations require that Firms have a program for the calibration and maintenance of test and measurements equipment. The program should include: intervals, scheduling, specific procedures, limits and remedial actions in the event that the equipment does not meet established requirements. Towards this task, DOC’s expertise and the usage of the highest calibration standards and systems helps customers to maintain the “Validated State” of their equipment and systems providing calibration services, Standard Operating Procedures, Process and System Re-validation and Change Control Management.

Calibration services for

  • Temperature, Humidity and Pressure monitoring equipment
  • Cry-storage, freezers and refrigerators
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Environmental Chambers
  • Digital Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Controllers
  • Central Monitoring Systems
  • Analog Pressure, Magnehelic and Vacuum Gauges
  • pH meters
  • Power Supplies
  • RTD Simulation and Measurement
  • Thermocouple Simulation and Measurement
  • Glass and Digital Thermometers
  • Conductivity and RedOX testers
  • Flow meters
  • RPM testers

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for:

  • Instrument Calibration
  • Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance
  • Change Control & Re-validation

Process and System Re-Validation

Change control Management


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