About DOC

Who we are

DOC is an Italian company specializing in provision of consultancy, qualification and validation services to Pharmaceutical Industries, Engineering and Equipment manufacturing companies.

What we are

Being a Communication Platform, DOC plays the role of the System Integrator acting between the cGMP Compliance requirements and the final users.


Our strategic drivers

Quality at any cost

Drive continuous improvement

Anticipating future customer needs

Curiosity for innovation is everything

Where we are

DOC is a recognized and qualified provider of Services for Pharmaceutical Market on a global scale

Identity values:

  • Our activities and the wide range of services that we can offer have their roots in the strong expertise and skills of our staff; our professional and qualified support is provided every day to our clients following these simple principles that represents our values:
  • People first
  • Flexibility
  • Internationalism
  • Know-how in motion
What we do

DOC expertise is the provision of a functional system totally validated.


  • Diligence and dedication
  • Efficiency, simplification and agility
  • Partnership developments